Rubber Stamps

By: John Smith | 8 Apr 2015

Technology, for all its virtues, has put a barrier between humans and what we make with our hands. For centuries, creating beautiful typography required chiseling tiny…

Best in Small Business Branding

By: John Smith | 8 Apr 2015

In the foreword to the gorgeous new book Start Me Up!: New Branding for Businesses, from Gestalten, designer Anna Sinofzika mentions of the idea of a…

The Louvre’s Pyramid

By: John Smith | 8 Apr 2015

At a glance what could New York City’s Times Square and California’s The French Laundry restaurant possibly have in common? One is a paved hellhole filled…

Buildings That Show the Future

By: John Smith | 7 Apr 2015

FIVE YEARS AGO, a group of Spanish architects dug a hole on a mountainside in Laxe, Spain. They filled it with hay, covered it in…

Expressions in Art

By: John Smith | 7 Apr 2015

Sometimes you need to  break the rules. Henri Cartier-Bresson was a legendary rule-breaker, and his discordance with photography’s stymied role in culture changed the medium forever….

Learning to See

By: John Smith | 4 Apr 2015

Learning to design is learning to see, an adventure that gets more and more captivating the further you go. A love letter to my profession. Our mind is not a camera…