Rubber Stamps

By: John Smith | 8 Apr 2015

Technology, for all its virtues, has put a barrier between humans and what we make with our hands. For centuries, creating beautiful typography required chiseling tiny…

Mirrored Collage

By: John Smith | 8 Apr 2015

Instagram’s last standalone app, Hyperlapse, made it possible to take striking steadicam-style videos on your smartphone. It was an awesome creative tool and an impressive technical…

The Louvre’s Pyramid

By: John Smith | 8 Apr 2015

At a glance what could New York City’s Times Square and California’s The French Laundry restaurant possibly have in common? One is a paved hellhole filled…

Expressions in Art

By: John Smith | 7 Apr 2015

Sometimes you need to  break the rules. Henri Cartier-Bresson was a legendary rule-breaker, and his discordance with photography’s stymied role in culture changed the medium forever….